How To Increase Your Fans On Facebook With A Like Campaign

There is no secret that one of the ingredients to my business success if Facebook ads. I know that creating Facebook ads can be intimidating for some people but I highly recommend that you get comfortable with it because I have never seen such a positive ROI like I have seen with Facebook ads. It still blows my mind that I have generated over $300K from less than $10K worth of Facebook ads. Pretty impressive, right? Running Facebook ads allows you to get your message, brand and offer in front of your ideal audience on automation spending just $5 a day to get started!

One of my staple Facebook ads that I have been running for the last 3 years is the Facebook Fanpage Like Campaign. The objective from this campaign is to show my ad with a “like button” to people on Facebook that I have targeted who fit the profile of someone that would be an ideal client for me.

Now, you might be thinking or have heard, so what if you have a lot fans? Well let me tell you a couple of reasons I love spending money building my fanpage likes.

1.) Social Proof – Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. This effect is prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge about the situation.

In a nutshell, people are more likely to like my Facebook Fanpage, work with me, buy my products, etc because they see that thousands of other people have endorsed or “liked” me. I am a safe bet. I have numbers to prove that I must be a big deal. This eases their skepticism with working with someone they met online.

2.) More people see my content. Nowadays if you want your posts on Facebook to seen by your fans you either need to be producing content that get shares and  engagement or you have to boost your posts (a.k.a. spend money) to promote your posts in the newsfeed. There is nothing wrong with boosting a post that is a valuable or has a call to action to your fans but you need fans first!!!

3.) Retargeting ads to fans is cheaper. Now honestly, this is my favorite reason to run a like campaign because when I run Opt-In and Offer ads to my own fans it is way cheaper than running ads to a cold audience. People who are fans of my page have already raised their hand and said they like what they see. They are going to be more interested and engaged with my ads therefore driving the price down.

BONUS: Now you can run ads to people who have visited your Facebook Fanpage, who have interacted with your posts, clicked on your call to action buttons, sent you a Facebook message and more during a specific time. See Bonus Images at Bottom of Post.


Step 1 – Click the down arrow button on your personal profile.

Step 2- Create Ads

Step 3 – Click on the stacked icon in the top left.

Step 4 – Click the Power Editor. Use can only access the Power Editor using Google Chrome. I you have trouble finding it, click here: There is a Power Editor button you can click under What is the Power Editor?

Step 5 – Click on the Create Campaign.

Step 6 – Use Guided Creation.

Step 7 – You can change the Campaign Name to Facebook Page Likes.

Step 8 – Pick Engagement as your Marketing Objective.

Step 9 – Select Page Likes

Step 10 – Select Continue

Step 11 – You can change the Ad Set Name to Facebook Page Likes.

Step 12 – Choose the Facebook Page You Want to Promote.

Step 13 – Define Your Audience. Define Who You Want To See Your Ads. If you have created custom audiences or lookalike audiences you can select them here. You can also select the locations you want your ad to display.

Step 14 – Select the age of the audience you want your ad to show to.

Step 15 – Select the gender of the audience you want your ad to show to.

Step 16 – This is the where you select “Detailed Targeting”.  You can also exclude people or narrow audience.

Step 17 – You can include or exclude people who already liked your page.

Step 18 – This is where you select which devices you want you ad to show.

Step 19 – This is where you select the platforms.

Step 20 – Set the daily budget & schedule.

Step 21 – Select Format.

Step 22 – Select Single Image.

Step 23 – Select the image that needs to be 1200x444.

Step 24 – Make sure you have the Facebook page selected.

Step 25 – Enter the Like Campaign Text.

Step 26 – Enter Headline.

Step 27 – Save Draft.


Step 28 – Click the BIG GREEN REVIEW CHANGES. If you miss this step your ad will not be uploaded for review.





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