A Simple Facebook Ad Strategy That Attracted A High Ticket Dream Client.

People always ask me why I don’t have more trainings on Facebook ads and the truth is I don’t necessarily consider myself a Facebook ads guru. In all honesty, I have spent less than $10,000 in Facebook ads and have generated well over $300,000 leveraging this powerful platform. Another reason I haven’t shared more of my strategies because to tell you the truth I consider my strategies very simple, I don’t like complicated campaigns, and always in test mode. That’s right. I am always just testing. Some things work. Some things don’t.

I kind of feel like Facebook is a casino, you can’t win if you aren’t putting any nickels in.

Now, though I don’t regularly release Facebook ads trainings, I do teach and show my private clients how to leverage these simple Facebook campaigns to attract high end dream clients online. And today, I want to share with you one of them that attracted a client who invested over $3,500 to work with me and I spent only about $75 on the Facebook ad.

The first thing I want to show you is the reporting on the ad during the time frame of when they ad starting running and my client booked her discovery session. Then, I will also show exactly what parts went into this campaign and my thought process behind it. Finally, I want to give you my opinion on why I think this ad converted.

My goal of sharing this with you is:

1.) You can see that if you understand the basics of Facebook ads and you add in a little strategy that you can get big results with little effort.

2.) That you can repurpose pillar content and interviews to create a simple high ticket funnel.

3.)That you can convert a cold audience into high ticket client without having them know you very long OR buy a cheaper product first before they will invest higher

4.) That with compelling copy to the right audience you can see BIG results without complicated funnels.

Now let’s dive in!

The first thing, we are going to look is my Ads Manager dashboard of my Facebook account. This is where I can view the activity and results of my Facebook campaigns.

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge)

In this image you can see the reporting metrics of this campaign. I am only showing the campaign reporting from the date it started until the day I received a discovery session application that converted into a paying client. The campaign ran from March 27, 2017 – March 31, 2017 so approximately 4 days. The total investment in the ad at this time was $74.71. The daily budget was set a $20 per day. It reached 1,087 people and was watched for at least 3 seconds by 474 people. 11 people click on the apply now link resulting in cost per result of $6.79. The relevance score, which determines how the ad the resonated with the audience, was a 7 out of 10, 10 being the highest.

The pieces of this campaign were:

1.) A 4 minute interview segment from my appearance on my local morning show, Good Day Charlotte. The interview was recorded in October 2016 as part of a special on Woman Small Business Month. I was inspired to this ad once I stumbled across it again one night a couple of weeks ago. When I watched it again, I was proud of my presentation and felt like I just need to get this message in front of the women who I know I can help. The funny thing is, I tell my clients all the time, you can literally hand pick clients off Facebook if you understand how to leverage smart relationship and marketing strategies.

Now, I do believe that using a video that was from a TV interview is one thing that is helping with the performance of this campaign. That is part of social proof, something I profoundly believe can work to a online businesses’ benefit. However, I do think that even if I did do a video that was not from TV this would have still worked. Might have cost a bit more but would still have been a good return on investment. Another way to look at is, this proves why getting media attention can also be a great way to effortless attract clients. Social proof is testimonials, interviews, endorsements, social followers, etc. It basically helps people feel more comfortable doing business with you because they “see” others trusting you.

2.) Compelling copy. This is the words in the ad. I did something a little experimental here. I had my ideal client in my head and I tried to be very conversational and personal with the copy. Instead of being all formal, like this is what you will learn…etc. I tried to write her a quick letter. I know this worked because the client I attracted, I asked her, how did you find me? She said she was scrolling the newsfeed looking for good Facebook ad ideas and saw mine. Wait until you read my Facebook ad copy!!! It is like I wrote exactly what she was doing when she discovered me!!! Freaky!!!!

3.) Good targeting. This is why I love using the Facebook ads platform! There is so much great data to play with to have an effective campaign. Just think back to your ideal client at this moment, who is she, who does she follow on social media, what is her pains, her desires, where does she need to be in life to be able to whip out a credit card and invest with you? The main targeting for this campaign was finding women who were a fans of pages that promote successful women entrepreneurs but don’t necessary offer services and support in the capacity as I do.

4.) Have an application to book a discovery session. I have a page on my website dedicated to inviting visitors into a discovery session with me. You can visit the page right here http://richgirlbusiness.com/complimentary-discovery-call/. Though I would love to get into the formula of this page, for the sake of time, read over it and I will do another blog post at another time deep diving this but in short all you need to observe is the application at the end of this page.

Now, I will tell you this about the application. This helps visitors self select if they are a good fit for the discovery call BEFORE they get on the phone with me. So since this ad is being targeted to a cold audience it is important there is some type of filter to getting on the phone and wasting both of our precious time.

(You can click on the pictures to enlarge)

Step #1 of setting up this is create a campaign in the Facebook Power Editor that has a marketing objective of driving traffic. I name the campaign: Application Video, just so I can easily identify what the hell this campaign is about.

If you don’t know how to locate the Power Editor, check out this article by clicking on this link. 

Step #2 – I normally tell my clients don’t worry about trying to do include only people who fit a certain income bracket in your targeting because that data is little shaky and many funnels convert without getting THIS detailed but… I tested differently…so yeah about that. I also only targeted those who were Facebook Admins. I learned this trick from another online ladyboss but basically if you target the behavior “facebook admins” only those who are administrators of a fan page will be targeted. In other words, you are targeting people more liking to be running a Facebook fanpage so they are trying to market something.

Step #3 – Edit the placement of the ads to be Facebook Desktop only. Since the goal is to get people to see the ad now and apply to work with you via filling out a form running the ad only on desktop makes more sense. Normally, Facebook shows a majority of ads on mobile because that is where a majority of users are logging in from but having someone fill out a lengthy application via their phone is not very user friendly thus probably won’t convert as well.

Step #4 – Which is not shown in this picture, was setting the daily ad budget to $20 per day. I left everything else on Facebook’s default. I have the campaign running until I manually shut it off in the Facebook ads manager.

Step #5 – Once you get to the Ads format, select single video and upload your video. Read Facebook’s video recommendations on the left hand side.

Step #6 – Under the Ads section after you uploaded the video, you want to enter the web URL for the destination page you want to send people who click on your ad to, i.e. the application form link.

Step #7 – Enter in your copy for the ad.

Now, I want to spend a little time on this part because besides the video being a TV interview that carries a lot of social proof, I think the copy was very strategic as well. Like I said earlier, when I watched my interview again, I felt this tug that more women needed to watch this because it was the first time I really felt like I articulated exactly what I do, where my zone of genius is and who my dream clients are in a condensed, impactful way.

So with that inspiration, spirit and energy I wrote exactly what I was feeling….with my dream client in mind of course!

This is how I know this ad converted, because a week after starting this campaign, I was on a discovery call with a potential client and at the beginning, like I always do, I asked, “what prompted you to invest time in speaking with me?” and she replied she has seen my ad on Facebook. She said she was scrolling the newsfeed looking at different Facebook ads trying to figure it out and she saw mine and it lead her to my website. She said she had the urge to fill out the form right then. I believe that had to do with the fact that she is a perfect client for me!!! She is exactly who I was describing in the ad!

Step #8 – Once you enter the copy for the ad, you will update the Call to Action button to Apply Now.

Step #9 – You can either review the order or save to draft.

Step #10 – You must hit the green button to upload the campaign and update or edit any changes!! Failure to do so will result in your campaign not going live.


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