5 Great Reasons Why Women Should Start An Online Business


According to a 2015 study of female Millennials by PwC, work/life is something that matters to younger women more than ever. A whopping 97% of those surveyed said that work-life balance was important to them, and 55% of respondents said “the work demands of their current role significantly interfere with their personal life.”

I would even argue these statistics are the sentiments of a lot of women aside from just millennial women. The problem I see, is while going to get a 9 to 5 job gave women options and control over their lives, they walked into a work structure that was designed for men with wives.

Now we have women working 40, 50, 60 hours a week with barely any time to nurture her life and or family without feeling exhausted, overworked, stressed and resentful. Most women, not all, I have to say that, desire family and in today’s society working outside the home makes managing it more challenging for women.

One of reasons I wanted to start my own business is I wanted the freedom to be there for my family when I needed too. I wanted to be able to drop and pick my kids up from school, make their daytime school events without asking for time off and be more available in my home so that I can keep it organized.

When I have more time for self care, I’m more rested, energized, I have more time to think and map out my next move. Time is one of the most valuable commodities to us all and when you have online business that is structured to allow you to work with fewer more ideal clients at a higher transformational investment you can stop trading dollars for hours and instead trade expertise for income. Now I want to again say this, that you have to have a business whether online or off that is structured in a way that it doesn’t require you to do a lot, which some entrepreneurs don’t understand and they are sharing they work more hours in their business than a job, and they are hustling and grinding.  Scaring off 9 to 5ers to join them in entrepreneurship.

In my new program, that teaches women step by step how to start an online business that allows them focus on quality clients versus quantity is the perfect business for a woman who wants to have online business that allows her freedom and flexibility.



The problem with a job is no matter how hard you work you are capped at how much you can earn. In a lot of cases if you want a better paying job you have to go back to school and rack up more student loan debt. And right now, that alone is crushing women’s ability for upward mobility.

According to a recent article by Fortune, Women Hold Nearly 65% of the America’s $1.3 Trillion in Student Debt. About one-third of women experience financial difficulties, (like covering living expenses) while paying off their loans and a full 57% of African American women repaying student loans say they were unable to meet essential expenses within the past year.

So I think that pretty much explains why going back for more degrees can be risky if you get in over your head and you don’t see a significant increase income that is going to keep up with inflation. But the good thing about having an online business is that you have the ability to generate cash infusions whenever you need to and are not limited by a salary.

This again, was another reason I wanted to have a business because I was tired of being a day late and dollar short while having a job and not having any way to do anything about it. You know how it is, you run out of money 5 days before payday and you just have to wait. I didn’t want to be a damsel in distress to my husband anymore looking at him like a puppy with tears in my eyes like how are we going to make it? I wanted control over my life on my terms. Now another benefit to my income having an online business is I don’t have many expenses.

Unlike traditional businesses that require you to have a building (which comes with a lovely thing called rent), furniture, lights and all the other fancy just expensive little amenities, my overhead is super low, so everything I earn I pretty much profit from.

In my new program, where I teach women to basically do what I do so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and rack their brain on how to be successful, I give you a plan to profit a minimum of $7,500 a month working fewer hours than a corporate job and the ability to make more whenever you want without having to spend thousands of dollars on employees and other costly expenditures.



A common complaint amongst working women is they don’t feel appreciated, valued and praised at their job. I know that is another big reason why I quit my last job cold turkey with no savings to start this online business because I was taking on more responsibility without more pay and I just wasn’t feeling it.

I don’t know about you but I felt like the job was not leveraging all the talents I knew I had. It wasn’t conducive to me growing into the person I wanted to be which is someone who was creating a legacy for herself and family. I was just going to be a girl who worked in the marketing department and died as somebody’s worker bee.

Again, this is why I created the Set Up For Success Online Business Consultants program because I want to liberate as many women who want to transition out of the 9 to 5 and into a business that allows them to have a powerful impact on the lives’ of other women which will be a domino effect transforming many woman’s lives for the better.


Work from Wherever

Having an online business allows you to work with anyone, anywhere as long as there is a market for what you offer. Again, you are not bound to one location for the rest of your life because your “job” is there. You can take vacations, travel, work outside, work at the coffee shop or again my personal preference in the comfort in my own home.

I don’t have to battle traffic which I hear is picking up. I don’t have to sit at a desk for 8 hours just because which is another reason I quit my job. Like right now, it is sunny outside and it would drive me nuts to have to spend a gorgeous day in a brown freaking cubicle.

Seriously? I’m pink satin in a brown polyester world and I CANT DO CUBICLES lol.

Again because I’m training women to work smarter not harder leveraging proven online marketing and business strategies from their laptop, you can literally pick up your laptop, make sure you have wifi and work this business out!


Staying in your feminine energy

According to a new report from the Center for American Progress, 42% of mothers are the sole or primary family breadwinner last year. Black and Latina women are more likely to be a family’s sole breadwinner, with 70.7% of black mothers and 40.5% of Latina mothers bringing home the majority of a family’s income (in comparison to 37.4% of white mothers.) And most of the women accounted for in those statistics are single mothers — only about 25% of black mothers and 40% were married. With more and more women taking on the traditional male role of being the family’s main financial provider we are seeing a shift where women are more pressure to perform for the prosperity of her family.

This type of energy is usually reserved for men because testosterone gives them more of ability to cope with these pressures. In a recent article called, The Guilt Of Being A Millennial Breadwinner, millennial women reported being the breadwinner as STRESSFUL. That IT’S A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY.  And feel PRESSURED TO STAY at a the job even if they are unhappy there.

This is why I believe you see some many resentful women in relationships it’s because not only are they making more money than their partner at a job they don’t really like but they are also primarily responsible for the 2nd shift of unpaid work when they come home such as cleaning, cooking and childrearing. This is wreaking havoc on families.

Yes, we can ask men to do more even though A 2013 STUDY REPORTED MEN WHO ENGAGED IN CHORES TRADITIONALLY REFERRED TO AS ‘WOMEN’S WORK’ WERE LESS LIKELY TO HAVE SEX and another study showed the more that a wife makes over her husband the less likely he is going to help in domestic work.

So the choices are marry a great man who helps you around the house and gives you attention in the bedroom so you don’t divorce him, find a man with means (which is getting slimmer by day) OR have an online business that you can work 20 hours a week and have time to stay in your feminine and making more than you would at a job.

Trust me, I have found I don’t mind making more than my spouse if I don’t feel run ragged in the process. Right now, I make 5 figure months, working from 10am-2pm. I have the dinner and house cleaned before my husband comes home and I am energized for intimacy every night and I am not resentful. I have no reason to be. I don’t feel slighted at all. I actually feel empowered I figured it out…Have it to have it all without losing my sanity in the process and I want to that for you if you want.

My new program, Set up For Online Success Online Business Consultants is starting in a few days and I want you to get in if you want an online business that is DONE FOR YOU! You will be able to work from your laptop while still having impact, influence and income!


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