I’ve been in business for a little over a year. During this time, I’ve tried 4 different business coaches with no income and no results to show for it.

I really needed someone to transform my mindset and that could relate to having social media presence. Danielle is the best thing that has ever happened to my business.

Within three short weeks of working with her, I made 10k! And instantly got a return on my investment with her.

I can’t believe how easy the process was to gain more clients with a high income business model.

Working with Danielle also allowed me to double my Facebook following from 1k to 2k followers in just 2 weeks. Having more eyes and ears of potential clients has caused my Discovery Calls to increase by at least 2 new calls per week.

Danielle has helped me with everything from clarifying my message, scripting to call my dream client forth, to setting up FB campaigns and ads (something I was totally clueless about).

She has not only been my coach but has become a friend. She really cares and her passion about her clients is evident! So much so, I’ve signed up to continue to work with her (wasn’t quite ready to let her go yet😁). I can tell she has so much more to give to continue taking my business and income to the next level!

If you’re just following Rich Girl Business but not investing in Danielle’s expertise, you are doing yourself and business a great disservice.

Thanks again for everything Danielle!

Joi Edwards

Life Strategist & Fitness Coach

“Danielle is awesome not only because she’s a master at sales but she knows how to sell from a place of grace and ease. Before working with Danielle, I had done really well to grow my brand to tens of thousands of fans and generate 5-figure months BUT… I was doing so by “grinding it out.” I was taking on more clients than ever AND launching new products all the time, all because I felt like it was what I HAD to do just to hit my income goals. To make matters worse, my own clients were telling me my prices were too low! I knew I was over-delivering and giving a ton of value away but I still struggled with the idea that I was “allowed” to start charging my worth. Needless to say, I was burning myself out.

After connecting with Danielle online and becoming fast friends, I started sharing with her my frustrations because I knew deep down, there had to be a better way. So when Danielle offered to help me not only increase my income but do so in a way that required WAY less work than what I was doing before, I jumped at the chance. Within 2 weeks of working together, I was STUNNED at the results. Not only was I getting more discovery calls within HOURS (seriously!) of implementing Danielle’s strategies, I was getting paid more than double my previous rate.

As a coach myself, I’m very selective of who I coach with but Danielle is a MASTER at sales and truly knows her stuff. As someone who has learned what feels like every business building strategy under the sun, I feel like what I’ve learned from Danielle was honestly the missing piece for my business. If you’re looking to effortlessly attract high-quality clients who understand your value and *will pay you what your worth* Danielle is your girl. She is honest, sincere, and most importantly, she’s good at what she does. I couldn’t be happier to have worked with her.”

– Courtney Saunders

Courntey Saunders

Business Coach, Think and Grow Chick

Danielle has single-handedly given me the tools to make 5 figures in a month (ok, 35 days – but who’s really counting when you’re crushing your goals set for yourself and business?), and the figures keep increasing. After just 1 day with her (read it, O-N-E) I booked my first discovery session and in a few short weeks, I pulled in $8500 in 30 days. Crazy right? Funny enough, I had CRAZY resistance before our Discovery Session. I did not want to do it. Although I had invested in high end programs before, I had never done 1-on-1 and quite frankly had no desire to begin. Within 20 minutes I knew I had to work with her, no matter the cost and I’m so happy that I made the leap. I made that money back in UNDER a month.
You rock Danielle xo
If you’ve been wondering if she’s the “real deal” then you needn’t – She’s legit and I have the business accounts to prove it.

Gaynete Edwards

Book & Empowerment Coach

If you want to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality. If you want to be a rich girl. If you’re tired of empty promises and hearing the same old tips and tricks repackaged – and you want to achieve REAL online success…

Then you need to invest in yourself and book coaching with Danielle Murrell.

Thanks to her expert guidance, advice and patience, I catapulted my knowledge of the online space from 0 to 100 in a matter of weeks, rapidly growing my business, boosting my brand and locking in clients before I even had a chance to
quit my 9 to 5.

Thanks to Danielle, my funnels are solid, my lead magnets are on point and my networks are growing by the day. I can’t stress this enough – if you’re serious about building a business that supports your lifestyle, then you need to work with Danielle.

This girl sets you up for success – and you better hold on, because it’s a wild ride.

Stephanie Hulett


Danielle Murrell is the game changer I needed in my life! Since, I have launched my e-book. Perfected my Client Avatar and have made just under 10K this month!!!!! My conversion rates on my lead magnet are crazy and let me tell you, like Danielle, I have ran thousands of Google and Facebook campaigns. I would challenge if all of them combined ever got conversions rates like I am getting!

Girl, I owe you so much more than the $$$ it cost to hire you! Thank you and I love You Mean It!

Yovonne Kenny

Marketing Consultant

Danielle is the BOMB (dot) com. She creatively and visually brought my business to life. Not only did she do an amazing job designing the site, she developed a customized marketing strategy for me to generate immediate profit. Within the first day of implementing her strategy, I received three new applications!

Daphne Leblanc

Social Media Consultant

I invested in her and it was the best investment I ever made. So if you are following Danielle Murrell and you want to work with her, find the money and DO IT! She is awesome! My business has went to another dimension because of her coaching. She is a very transformational coach! Find the money, make it happen, and you will never be the same!

Quianna J

Business Coach

Working with Danielle has been a game changer for me. Within 5 days of applying her strategies, I received 4 client applications and signed on a client who recovered my initial investment! Danielle is one hot branding queen who understands business dynamics and modern marketing techniques. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about attracting DREAM clients. Thanx Danielle

Epi Mabika

Author, Speaker, Coach

Danielle is a creative marketing genius! She was able to quickly access my ideal clients and help me lay out a customized marketing plan from A-Z. Not only was I able to quickly and precisely reach my dream clients, I received 5 new applications within a week of implementing the strategy! I cannot speak highly enough about Danielle and Rich Girl Business. Every woman business owner can benefit from her expertise.

Julie Wadley

Relationship Coach & Matchmaker

Before Danielle got her creative hands on my branding I had extreme website shame.  

I bootlegged my website for 18mths and basically had it hanging together with string and nails and I would cringe and feel physically sick when I would have to refer someone to my website.

It wasn’t that the design was the issue (on my old website) it was the fact that it didn’t feel like me. The website copy was all off, the colours didn’t represent me or the people I wanted to attract. It felt like I was wearing someone else’s clothes.
Towards the end of 2015 I got really clear on the type of clients I’m meant to work with and thought it’s now or never so I reached out to Danielle.Danielle is a branding magician, she truly is. I already had my branding colours and fonts to hand, but I had no idea what to do with them. Once Danielle got a hold of them she just ran with it and created something above and beyond what I could have expected.

I’m SO proud to share my website with people now and publish more content to drive traffic to it.

If you’re thinking of hiring Danielle to get your brand on point – then I cannot recommend her highly enough a weight has truly been lifted. Thank you, thank you!

Janet Kafadar

Online Course Creation Coach

Today was awesome! It was the best 7.5 hours focused, intensive, goal setting and strategic action packed day, I’ve had in a long time. You are wise beyond your years, incredibly talented and extremely detailed. Thank you for the depth of content..

Joan Randall

Speaker, Author, Coach

Wow, what can I say? Working with Danielle has changed my life. While I had no idea what I was actually getting into prior to us working together, I’m so glad I hired Danielle! Choosing the VIP package allowed me to truly focus on my desires, clarify what I want, and set goals that were realistic but lofty. Danielle walked me through every single step and really showed me what being a female entrepreneur is all about. She challenged me to really hone in on what my gifts were and how to realize my dreams. I’m so excited about my future and could not have gotten this far without clarification from her and Rich Girl Business!!! Thank you Danielle!!!

Aimy Steele

College Scholarship & Admissions Coach


I am delighted to hear that you are interested in working together. I know this is a BIG first step and I want to tell you, I don’t take it lightly. I have been exactly where you are, scared and stuck. But I knew, like you probably do, that I couldn’t afford not to take this step. It is time to see what strategy, style and support can do for your business and life! I offer complimentary consultations to women entrepreneurs who are ready to invest their time, energy, focus and finances to setting up and styling their business and brand for success. During our time together on the call, we will be able to determine if we are a good match to work with each other.