Are you a woman called for more?

Do you want to run an empire so you can help liberate other women from their limiting beliefs and small thinking on what is possible?

Do you believe you have a gift that is meant to be shared and have a positive impact on the world?





You aren’t sure how to package your gifts into transformational offers that your audience will gladly invest in and that leave you feeling spirituality in flow.


You don’t know how to call in your dream clients with elegant ease.


You have never worked with a woman leader in your business and know that what you don’t know is holding you back from the impact you were born to have.


You know you haven’t fully embraced your personal power and often find ruling your empire to be hard.


You know you were born to be an influential leader but find yourself doing “slave girl” activities.

The world can often look bleak and scary but I believe the more women who are awaken to their divine soular powers, the more will rise up and change the world.

We have to do it.

The world is calling for leaders to stand up and use their gifts for good.

We have to be aware of our light so we can illuminate it bright for other women to find us!

I am tired of seeing women in despair, desperate for change go unchallenged by those who know the true answer… that we hold the true power over our lives.


In today’s marketplace we are lead to believe that success is external, things and strategies, but what I have realized over the past 3 years of being a full time entrepreneur is that success starts within and if you don’t have a strong conviction of who you are, what you believe and your vision, no strategies or solutions will save you. You will find a way to be resistance. You will find a way to self doubt yourself. You will find a way to self sabotage yourself. Your empire will fall.

What the world needs now is not another business coach but leaders. People who are going to model what it means to walk your talk, to share your beliefs and truth, to be a catalyst for positive change so that others can be bold enough to do the same.

Too many women are asleep right now. Sleep to how powerful, creative and beautiful they are. They give so much to others just to be depleted and lost. They live in constant fear of thoughts they can’t control, situations they can’t predict and mistakes that haven’t happened yet.

Many are called but few are ready right now for the ascension to become a true Empress of her life and business.

Here is the truth…if you are ready, join me.

We don’t have much time to waste.

The healing of women universally depends on us taking action now. We can no longer sit by and play small.

We must get our voices, messages and transformational work to the world now!

Everyday we second guess ourselves, we leave our personal light off and they can’t find us.

When we do this, we end up hurting ourselves and own destiny.

If you are a woman who was born to rule, I am opening my heart, expertise and experience to guide women who are ready to step up and lead with passion, prestige and power.



You are a woman who has a gift that can help other women improve their lives or business.


You have been building your tribe of people but haven’t seen the financial leaps needed to make this your full time mission.

You have been putting your message and gifts out to the world and have gotten great response but are lacking the consistency of clients to make you feel confident in pursuing this full time.


You struggle with the worth of your gifts and feel like you over deliver.


You aren’t sure how to articulate the value of your work so that clients don’t hesitate to move forward.


You believe you must hustle hard to get what you want (The truth is you don’t. I want to show you a better way).


You are having tough conversations with yourself and you know you could process better with another Empress to get the clarity to move

You aren’t afraid to invest in yourself, you know no matter what this is your life’s work and it means enough to you to do whatever is necessary to get it now.

You care about opinions of those you respect and love but you know that to get where you have to go you will have be the sole decision maker in your life and business.

The Empress Experience is an exclusive 8 week leadership program designed to help women discover how to leverage their gifts and personal brand to attract their dream clients, become the leader they were born to be, create a massive impact in their sphere of influence and rewards them financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Danielle Murrell, Online Brand & Business Strategist For Women Entrepreneurs

Are you ready Empress to ascend to your throne and rule?

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