If you have landed on this page, Welcome! I get asked all the time who I recommend for support and below you will find my exclusive list of women entrepreneurs that I wholeheartedly endorse to take your life and business to the next level!


Gaynete Edwards

Book & Empowerment Coach – Best Selling Author; Huffington Post Contributor; Founder & CEO of G.A.M.E. Changing Industries

Meet Gaynete Edwards – Click Play On The Audio Above

Barbara Lash

Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Media & Communications Coach, Professional Public Speaker, Published Author | Owner of Media Versed

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Aprill Edwards

Lifestyle Strategist & Women’s Transformation Coach – Helping women get their happy back; Pers. Trainer | Nutrition Specialist | Life Coach

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Aimy Steele

College Scholarship & Admission Coach| Owner Of Reach Consulting | Reach Consulting is a one stop shop for students and parents seeking assistance with scholarship attainment and college admission.

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Joan Randall 

Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Transformational Coach. | I help women between the ages of 25-55 go from Stuck to Success.

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Julie Wadley

Relationship Coach & Matchmaker | Owner Of Eli Simone | The Premiere Matchmaking and Coaching Boutique Exclusively For Women of Color

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Terri Holzhauer

Travel & Event Planner- I work with people who are looking for a smooth, seamless planning process who value premium customer support and service.

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Krystle Nicole

Fashion Stylist for Female Entrepreneurs | I help you increase your confidence, visibility, and income by creating stylish and professional outfits for your live stream videos, speaking engagements, and photo shoots.

Meet Krystle Taylor – Click Play On The Audio Above

Stephanie Hulett

Copywriter & Brand Storyteller for Online Entrepreneurs – Crafting compelling copy that connects with your clients.

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Al the service providers listed on this page have completed the Rich Girl Business Signature VIP Program.